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Buried silver coin stash found!

I got a call from Richard explaining that his great grandpa had buried a stash of silver coins on his property 60-70 years ago and that prior to his recent passing had shared this with his daughter, Richards grandmother. Who wouldn’t want to hunt for buried treasure? We arranged a day for me to come out and me and grandma walked the property and I got set up to begin the hunt. I didn’t know how the coins were buried in terms of containers so I quickly realized I was going to be looking for good solid tones regardless of their ID#.

About 45 minutes into the hunt I got a solid 16 tone on my Minelab equinox and even though it didn’t sound like silver I decided to dig. About 10 inches down I hit the pipe and proceeded to pull it out of the ground. It was approx. 36″ long and big enough to fit coins as large as silver dollars. I shook it, heard something hitting the sides and knew I’d found something. Unfortunately the pipe was so rusted that we had to cut the pipe and when we did we were amazed by what we found. Hundreds of old silver coins just poured out. We had found grandpa’s stash!