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Pottsboro, Tx – Her Father buried $300,000 in the backyard, Did we Find it All?

  • from Dallas (Texas, United States)


We got a call from Alberta, Canada from a very nice lady named Heidi, she said that her father had passed and that she was the executor of the estate in Pottsboro, Texas.  She said her father was a Prepper and a Horder.  He had left her an envelope with instructions on where he had buried up to $300,000 in silver coins in his backyard.

The family was able to find and dig up up what they believed at the time was all of the PVC Tubes with the coins from the yard.  But they were concerned that maybe there were others buried in the yard someplace.  They just wanted to be sure before selling the property.

So she ask us to scan the property to be sure nothing was left and to reopen all the PVC tubes that they knew about to be sure everything had been removed, and it had.

It was 95 degrees on Fathers Day morning at 8am to do our search.  We searched the entire backyard and then dug up the PVC Tubes where the known coins had been found.  It was thrilling to think that so much in coins had been buried there.  It really was like digging for buried treasure.

It was a great day and another satisfied customer for the Dallas Ring Finders…