Lost Engagement Ring Lido Beach

Mike and Alison

Diamond Engagement Ring Found

On March 12, 2013 we received a call from Debbie Ohare requesting a search for a lost ring on Lido Beach in Sarasota.

Debbie, her daughter, Alison Miller, and Alison’s husband were enjoying an afternoon on the beach when Alison realized she was wearing her wedding rings. She decided to be safe she would store them in a beach bag she had carried to the beach. When they returned to their condo a few hours later Alison looked in the bag to retrieve her rings and guess what, only her wedding band was in the bag. They searched high and low in the condo but found nothing. They returned to the beach and hunted in the sand and waited in the area in hopes that someone with a metal detector would appear. No such luck!!! The next day Debbie decided to see if she could find someone on the internet to hunt for the ring. When she discovered our club site, she contacted us and since she was south of the Skyway bridge Mike Miller was asked to meet them at the beach and do a search.

Mike searched for about 45 minutes in the area that they had been sitting without finding the ring and Alison felt it was lost forever and released Mike, but Mike was not ready to give up yet. Debbie and Alison gave up and went back to the Condo. Mike continued hunting and in about 10 minutes found the ring just one foot behind where he had initially started to hunt. Needless to say, when Mike called to tell Debbie and Alison to come back to the beach, they were overjoyed. Mike would like to thank them both again for their very generous donation and the big smiles on their faces when they saw the ring.

Debbie wrote this note to mike after reading this article:


Sounds great!!! Thanks again!! I will never forget you!! There are good people left in the world!!

Sincerely, Alison