Custom Yellow and White Gold with Diamonds and Gems Wedding Ring lost on Farm in Camarillo, CA...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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About a month and a half ago I received a call from Abby. It seems she had lost her wedding ring on a farm where she grows flowers for market. She believed it happened when she was stung by a bee, began removing her clothes, and running through the flower patch. She and her husband had purchased a metal detector, and had searched for the ring to no avail. We arranged to meet the next day for a search.

When I got to the farm, I let Abby know I was there. She came right by, and took me out to the area she thought the loss most likely happened. When we got there, I was looking at 4 rows of flowers at least 200 feet long, with flowers at about 5 feet tall and having very stiff shafts; I knew I was in for a tough search. I would search the furrow with my coil, and then work around the base of the flowers with my pin pointer, working down each 200 foot row. I was VERY happy that there was very little metal in the ground which would have slowed me down considerably. After a couple of hours I had completed the search as best as I could with no ring. Abby then took me over to another area she been that day, I searched 3 more rows flowers at about 150 feet, no ring. We went and looked in another area, but no ring. We then talked and she said that the flowers would be cut in a month or so, and asked if I would be willing to come out again, and If it would be easier if they were cut down; I said I would be willing and it would be easier.

So this week Chris, Abby’s husband called to let me know the flowers had been cut, and wondered if I would want to come out and go over the areas again, so we arranged the next day to do the search. Chris and Abby met me and we went and searched 3 more new rows of flowers (I had not searched the last time) she had remembered going through the day she lost her ring; no ring. I then searched one of the previous areas finding some aluminum and pot metal; no ring. We then went over to the 200 foot rows where the bee had stung her, and searched very slow and deliberate. I found a good signal, dug in, and came up with a wad of tin foil. When Abby saw the shiny metal she came running over to only be disheartened finding out the find was tin foil. We were running out of possibilities. She showed me another spot near the flower rows, and then another, but no ring. She then asked if I would be willing to try one more spot she remembered being that day, and I told her she had me there, so she needed to take advantage of that, and YES I would search one more spot for her!

We went over to the other area which was a parking area near my second search of the day, and it was covered with a thick layer of wood chips. She gave me an estimated area to search, and I began a grid. Down, back, down, back, turn, and BAM, a real solid signal in the head phones. I put in the pin pointer, moving the chips around when it sounded, and I saw what looked like the edge of a coin with a smooth edge, nice and silvery. I reached in and picked out this beautiful ring. I tucked it in my palm, and looked up at Abby with a somewhat solemn expression, hands at my side, she started over probably thinking I was throwing in the towel for the search. When she got near I asked what her ring looked like, as I held out my open hand with her ring in it. Abby was immediately swarmed with a multitude of emotions all resulting from the joy she had at seeing her wedding ring again, after being without it for a couple of months. It was then Chris remembered there was a tractor in the area where the ring was found the day of the previous search, and yes I also remembered a tracked vehicle that was parked right on top of the ring the last time I was out there which did not allow us to search that area. We were fortunate it had been moved this time. Chris said they had the ring custom made in an old town in the UK where he was raised, and to tell it myself, the ring looked as if it had been made for Royalty; I might have been right about that, as she is his “queen”. What a wonderful day!


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