Three Gold Pendants Lost in the Sand of Marina Del Rey Beach...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received a call from Guy right after dinner. I had been relaxing with my wife watching a little television when he called. He told me about his loss of some pendants that had great sentimental value to him, he had on a chain around his neck. His dog was playing when she jumped on him, and accidentally broke the chain, and everything went flying into the sand. He was able to find his chain, but not the pendants. He told me he marked the spot which was a good thing. I let him know that I would come immediately to do the search which surprised him, but I know from years of experience, that the sooner the search is made the better the chance of a recovery, as there are too many variables that come into play as time goes on to diminish the possibility of finding the lost item.

When I got to the beach Guy was waiting for me, and we walked out in the darkness to do the search. The main concern was finding the item Guy used to mark the area of the loss. We both had out lights on searching. I was a little worried because the super high tide might have washed his marker away. Finally close to 10:00 PM Guy found it. It was a 2×4 that he had forced into the sand, and although the water came up it did not move. I began my search on one side of the marker where Guy thought the items fell with no signals. I then began on the other side, and received a signal which I dug, and poured out the sand. I checked again, picking up a load of sand. After I shook it out, in my scoop was a gold ring which Guy identified as his mother’s. I ran my coil over the area again getting another signal, scooped and had his gold cross. One more time and I was able to give him his daughter’s name in gold. A successful search with a very happy, and relieved Guy!

Guy sent the following testimonial:


My name is Guyen (Guy) and I was taking my daughters pet Luna for a walk on the Marina del Rey beach on Monday the 21st 2021. Luna loves to play with rocks on the beach by digging holes and burying the rocks. That day was like any other day but suddenly Luna wanted to get my attention and lunged towards me. That broke the necklace. I had a cross, my mothers wedding band that was gifted to me and my daughters name in 22ct gold in Sinhalese. I found the necklace but the other three items just vanished. This was at 5.50pm. Luna and I was looking for the lost items until 7.30pm and decided to call it a night. Before leaving, we marked the spot to come back the next day to look for the three lost items.
I came home and searched online for metal detector rentals to rent one for the next day and I was unable to find one. Then I randomly stumbled upon the website of Mr. Steve Smith “The Ring Finders”. I immediately called the number and Mr. Smith answered the phone. I explained my situation and he said that he would like to come out that night itself as the beach cleanup tractor can shift the items or the tide can wash the missing items Mr. Smith said that he will meet me in 30-45 minutes.
I explained this to my daughter who was skeptical and was concerned for my safety as I was going to meet this person that I connected online to look for the three missing pieces of jewelry. She even took my phone and shared my location with her incase this person who volunteered to help me was to harm me.
Mr. Smith met me at the Marina del Rey beach and we walked towards the location where the jewelry vanished. It was about 9.50pm. I directed Mr. Smith to the location and within a few minutes he found the Cross, my mothers wedding band and my daughters name in 22ct gold pendent. It was unbelievable to say the least. I asked Mr. Smith how much it would be for his services and he said that he would only take a donation. He did ask if it was okay for him to take a picture of me holding the three items that was found. Naturally I agreed as it was the least that I could do. 
My faith in humanity was renewed that day. Good people who genuinely want to help people do exist. For anyone who goes to the beach, I highly recommend that you store the number of Mr. Steve Smith “The Ring Finders” in your phone. You never know when you might need his help. It’s as good as having AAA on the beach.
Thank you Mr. Steve Smith “The Ring Finders” from the bottom of my heart.
Guy from Marina del Rey


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