Paladium Wedding ring Lost in the Sand at Manhattan Beach...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Steve called, he had lost his wedding ring the previous day at a heavily machine cleaned beach. It had been in the pocket of his pop up tent, and he forgot it when he wrapped everything up to head home. We talked, and it sounded like it may have been lost On the towel line, which reduces the possibility of a recovery. I let him know I would come and do the search for him because in the Winter, the County doesn’t always clean the beaches daily like they do in the Summer.

When I got there, I waited for Steve, and when he arrived, he took me over to where the possible loss occurred. The one thing that was instantly noticeable, was that the machines had not gone through that day which buoyed my hopes of a recovery. I began my grid working the outer edge of the area he showed me, working my way towards the other side, pass by pass. After about 5 passes, and 3 or 4 bottle caps, I got that signal I was waiting for, dug, and was rewarded with a nice chunky ring in the scoop. I held it up for Steve, and he immediately rejoiced. He had been married for 8 years, and this was the ring. What a happy day!

Steve sent the following testimonial:


I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you again for the amazing find this afternoon.

I was fairly certain that all hope was lost and I was preparing for the worst, yet within minutes of meeting you, you had found my wedding ring! Simply amazing! Your willingness to take the time out of your day to drive down to the beach to help a total stranger is a true act of kindness. I am truly grateful.

I appreciate your time and efforts and hope to see you again sometime down on the water.



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