White Marlin Open Tournament Ring Lost in the surf at Manhattan Beach, CA...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received a distressed email from Tommy the other day. He had lost a very special ring in the surf at the beach that he had been wearing for the past 23 years. He had won the ring at the Maryland DC White Marlin Open Tournament in 1997, a tournament that he had fished for most of his life, and to lose this precious reward was a major blow. The problem was that the ring was lost 3 days earlier, and I was already thinking that the possibility of a recovery was going to be slim to none. The best chance of a search was going to be the next morning, so that was going to be 4 days. I called Tommy and we discussed what had happened. There were details about the loss that were favorable, like the fact he lost it at high tide, which would have put me in a good position at low tide the next day. He was not able to meet me there for the search, but was able to give me a great landmark to use to do the search, so I let him know I would go, and let him know one way or the other if I was able to locate his ring.

I got to the area, and began my search at the top of the slope working North and South, and worked my way down to the water. There was so much sand, and I was not getting any signals although I was using one of my deepest detectors. I finally found one crusted penny. I reached the water’s edge, and donned my chest waders to search in the surf. I now worked East and West trying to maintain a close grid working down the beach. I was able to go out into the surf quite far because after going through a hole, there was a sand bar that raised back up, and was flat out to the breaking waves. I found another crusted penny out there, and ended up covering the whole area that I had searched up on the slope. Tommy had told me that if anything, he might have been more North of the landmark as opposed to South, so I moved up to continue searching in the Northern direction. I made a few passes from the top of the slope into the water, and while about 30 feet out in the water, out on the bar I got a good signal. I was able to scoop the target digging once, and after washing the sand from the scoop saw the ring I was hunting, I couldn’t believe it was still there, but seeing it made me very happy. I took a picture of the ring and sent a text to Tommy letting him know about the recovery, and he sent a me a text back, one of total disbelief. We arranged to meet when he got off of work, to return the ring. When we met, he told me how he had been in communication with the tournament to find out if the ring could be replaced, because he thought it was lost forever. I was very honored to be able to hand this precious memory back to him; made his day!


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