Gold Wedding Ring Lost in the Water at Redondo Beach...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received a call the other day in the morning from Frances. She and her family had been at the beach the day before when her husband went into the water, and his ring slid off of his hand into the foaming waves to disappear in an instant. I looked the tide chart, and realized I was just a couple hours short of high tide, so I asked if Frances could meet me at the beach so she would be able to show me where the loss occurred. She told me that was not going to be possible. I then asked more questions regarding the area, and asked if she could send some pictures showing the area as well. She did send me enough information, and I immediately got on the way for the search.

I know this area is detected unmercifully, and was hoping the ring had not already been found. When I arrived I spotted another detectorist at work in the area I was supposed to search, but after closer inspection, I surmised he was using a detector that was good for dry searching only, which provided some relief. I donned my waders, and headed off into the water, to search as deep as possible in order to ride the tide up as it rose. I knew I had to search as deep as possible first, and work my way up the slope. I found a few targets, many of them too small to be held by my 1/2 hole scoop, which caused me to dig more than I anticipated, but I marched on. I continued the search working up the slope grid line by grid line. I finally got near the top of the slope, got a solid signal, and scooped a heavy gold ring. After close inspection I was able to read the inscription Frances told me to look for. I then sent a text to her with a picture of the ring, and we arranged to meet back at the beach a while later to return the ring. She came with her husband Alan, and when he placed it back on his finger I could see why it had come off so easy, it was very loose. They were very happy to have back something they thought was probably lost forever. It is a pleasure to bring the joy back.

Frances sent the following testimonial:

Steve is truly an ANGEL!

My husband lost his wedding ring at Redondo Beach, CA. This happened when he was IN THE WATER! We were very very sad……we thought that it was swept away by the waves and that it was lost forever. But we still did not want to give up and that’s when we came across Steve’s information. We called him the next morning and he immediately took action! We were so impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. After an hour, he sent us a picture of my husband’s ring!!! AMAZING!!!! He is so kind, sweet and he really wants to help others. Thank you, Steve, you are truly and ANGEL!


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  1. Rie Watanabe says:

    This is Rie Watanabe. Today, my husband lost wedding ring in the sea of Torrance beach. Can you search tomorrow? Then how much is it?

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