Gold Ring Lost in the Water at Huntington Beach...Found and Joyfully Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I awoke and found I had received an email from Leah. She had been at the beach the day before, when while in the water, she was struck by a wave, and knocked down. When she arose, she realized her ring was gone. Noticing the time the email was sent (12:17 AM), I could tell this was a distraught appeal for help. She told how this was her Grandmother’s wedding ring, a Grandmother I found out later, had passed away. This was a reminder of her Grandmother that she carried with her daily, so it turned out to be a great loss. Leah was not able to meet me at the beach to show me where to look, but had given some information in her email, and also sent me a Google Earth picture with an outline showing the loss area. I went at the earliest low tide that day.

I arrived at the beach, and began my search at one end of the area pictured, and began my grid. I continued my search, with very few targets, for about 1 1/2 hours, with no ring. I finished what I thought was the limit for that direction, and decided to go back to my starting point, and worked the other direction. I made about 4 new passes when that sweet sound came through the head phones, loud and clear. I dug, and in the pile on the edge of the sand was a nice glimmer of gold. I reached down, and picked it out, and it was Leah’s ring. I emailed her right away with excitement, and we arranged to meet the next day make the return. When we met, her mom was with her, and explained the importance the ring to Leah, and how devastated she was when it was lost. Leah was very happy when I gave it back, and her smile says it all!

Leah sent the following testimonial:

After I lost the ring, I just kept telling myself that it’s okay and it’s just a ring. But it kept bothering me and I felt so sad as if I lost someone. I lost the ring in the afternoon and I was still up and crying about it past midnight. I really couldn’t believe that I had just lost something so important me so fast. At one moment I was having fun with my friends splashing in the shallow waves (and making sure my ring was on and safe). The next minute later, I was trying to get up from being hit with a scary wave and then I realized my ring was gone.

I already felt much better after contacting Steve. Knowing that someone would still be searching for the ring, comforted me and I had hope! Once the ring was found, I literally felt “in balance” again. The ring was my late grandma’s and wearing it everyday for over three years now has always kept me tied to her. Having it back felt like I had a part of my grandma with me again.

Steve was incredibly kind when we met each other. His dedication and passion really meant a lot to me, he truly cares about his work!! I will always remember this story and Steve!

Thank you Steve!!!!


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