Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Yard in Riverside, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Al called me last week to ask my help in finding his wedding ring. He had been cleaning out a yard drain of dead leaves in his neighbor’s yard, and spreading the leaves out so as to not make a pile of them when he noticed his wedding ring of 46 years missing from his hand. We talked, and he told me that as soon as he secured permission from the neighbor to have me search with my detector, he would call me back. He called yesterday letting me know he had the permission, and we arranged to do the search today.

When I arrived Al was waiting for me. I got my equipment together, and he walked me over to the yard. It was overgrown with grass, and had a thick layer of dead leaves which would create quite a problem in locating a small item like a wedding ring for sure. Al told me he had tried with a detector his wife had purchased for him previously, but without success. I have found that without experience, trying to do the search not knowing how to use the detector usually results in an experiment in frustration for the person looking. I have the time on the detector, and the number of recoveries to know when to press on in an abysmal situation. When I turned the detector on, right away I was experiencing electrical interference, so I adjusted for that. Then there was a chain link fence next to the search area, so when I received a good signal near the fence, I adjusted the pin pointer for that area. The yard was very clean of metal trash, and I got a couple of good signals that proved to be too deep for recent loss. It wasn’t until I got about 20 feet from the drain that I got a great double beep on a shallow signal, put the pin pointer in moving the leaves around, when we both sighted the ring edge on its side pushed into the dirt. Al was so very happy when I lifted it out and handed it to him. He and his wife picked out the rings (hers is similar) 46 years ago when they got married. 46 years, truly a marriage made in Heaven. So glad to be a help, especially in these dire times!


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