Ruby and Diamond Wedding Ring Lost in Yard in Pasadena, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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As I was leaving the cache search yesterday, I received a call from Patti’s husband asking if I could help find his wife’s ring that she had had for more than 30 years. She had been doing yardwork, and when she was done, she was in the house washing her hands and noticed her ring was gone. They went back out looking for the ring brushing the leaves around looking, but were not able to find it. I told him that I was only about 15 minutes away, and had all my equipment ready to search, so he sent me the address, and I was on my way over.

When I got to the house Patti met me, and explained what she believed might have happened. She then showed me the yard which was completely covered in small golden brown leaves making it very difficult to spot a yellow gold ring even if were sitting right on the surface. There was a pile of leaves that were destined for the trash that I checked first not finding the ring. I then went with Patti to the yard, and began a search, got one signal that turned out to be too deep. I continued, and received a strong double beep signal, looked down, and could see a faint outline of gold peeking through the leaves. I reached down and showed Patti. She and her husband were so very happy, she wanted to give me a hug, which of course I never refuse.:-) That really topped the day, 40 silver 1 oz. coins, and a beautiful ruby and diamond ring, and some really happy people. Awesome!

Patti sent the following testimonial:

After working all afternoon in our yard, cleaning out leaves from the planting beds, I was horrified to look at my hands and realize that my wedding ring was no longer on my finger. What can you say about a ring that’s been there for 34 yrs and daily reminds you of all those shared years? I was stunned. We looked for it unsuccessfully and then we found Steve’s website. He arrived at our house in about 15 minutes and found my ring in less than 10. Wow. I couldn’t stop smiling for 24 hours. The whole drama transpired within an hour … from lost to found. I don’t know which chapter was more astonishing … losing the ring or Steve’s quick recovery. I hugged him (asked permission first!) – he was so gracious, knew exactly what he was doing, and in a short period of time left 2 VERY grateful people. He’s the real deal – a ring finder and a gentleman!


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