Heirloom Wedding Ring Lost in Newport Beach...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Ryan contacted me the day after his wife had lost her late grandfather’s wedding ring at the beach. He told me what had happened, and that it had happened the night before when they were on their way to watch the Christmas light boat parade in Newport Beach Harbor. We arranged a time to meet, and I prepared my equipment for the search.

When I arrived Ryan was waiting, in fact he had been doing some more searching for the elusive ring. He explained what had happened. He and his wife had gone to see a house they had rented on the beach a while back, and then make their way over to the harbor to watch the boat parade. As they were walking through the beach sand his wife was fiddling with her ring, when all of a sudden it dropped into the sand. She stopped immediately, not wanting to lose the spot of the loss, so they could search exactly where it fell. They both pulled out their lights and began to comb through the sand with no luck. It then seemed hopeless, and they went on. This ring was her grandfather’s, her mother’s father, a man she had never met because he had passed before she was born, but had heard so much about him from her mother. Her mother gave her his wedding band so she could always have a memory of his part in her life. Obviously she was heartbroken.

Ryan could not be comforted, so into the early morning he searched on the web to find a way to recover the ring when he came upon the Ring Finders and found my contact information. Ryan remembered the exact spot of the loss, and had it narrowed down pretty tight. It took about 3 passes to locate the ring, and it was right under his finger search marks. It is sometimes very difficult to find a small item in sand because it almost acts as a fluid when you move it, and it continues to move the object around as the search is conducted. Anyway I pulled the ring out of the sand and was able to hand it back to a very joyful Ryan.

Ryan sent the following testimonial:

Steve is like a superhero! I’m so happy I didn’t give up and took to the web to find some help. Steve responded to my message first thing in the morning and was quick to make himself available that afternoon. He kept me updated on his status and was positive in all communications – a real comfort when you’re panicked. He arrived with a smile and was ready to roll.

That ring has been on a journey through the family for over 75 years and I’m glad it didn’t end that night on the beach.

Thank you, Steve, for being so generous with your time and being available so quickly. It’s a breath of fresh air to meet someone who uses their talents to help others for the right reason. You rock!

Thank again.


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