2 Karat Diamond Solitare Lost Right After Marriage Proposal in the Waves at Malibu Beach, Found With Diligent Cross Griding

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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I received a call from Ryan yesterday. He was calling for his friend Kurt who had just proposed to his girlfriend down at the beach with a positive outcome. As they were celebrating their engagement there at the beach, with a flip of the hand, the ring slipped off his girlfriend’s finger and hit the sand as a wave crashed on the spot, and the ring was gone. They found me right away after searching themselves. I wasn’t far, and let them know I would be there quickly. We had the good fortune of the receding tide, so I knew I would have ample time to do a thorough search for the ring before the incoming tide made it unfeasible.

When I arrived Kurt and Ryan met me, and we went over what had happened, so I got ready for my search. I noticed that the ground was both sandy and rocky, so it was possible the ring might have gotten pulled out by the force of the water after the wave crashed. I began in the wet sand that the water had washed up on, and then started going into the water chest deep searching over rock beds, and sand. I found spoons, a railroad spike, a knife, and wire, but no ring. I then went over the area again starting from the beginning, but gridding in a different direction, pulling up more metal objects, but no ring. I then began another grid from the beginning in another direction, and I got a slight but good signal in the wet sand. I dug, and brought the sand up to the dry area, kicked it, and saw the glitter of gold. I had found Kurt’s ring which I held up for him. He came over very grateful, and happy that this token of his promise to his girlfriend had been recovered. What I believed happened is that the ring when buried, sank like a parachute with the band of the ring hanging down beneath the stone which makes it much harder to find with a metal detector. Under these circumstances, the ring might be only found by the detector coming from a particular direction and no other, which I believe happened in this search. Needless to say, perseverance paid off in this recovery, and this proposal ended in happiness. Great day!

Kurt sent the following testimonial:

“My worst fears had come true after proposing to my girlfriend. No she didn’t say no to “will you marry me?” but as we were taking celebratory pictures with our photographer, the ring fell into the waves below the Malibu Pier. My Fiance and I were overcome with emotion and our greatest day was shaping out to be one of the worst. My best friend who was there with us called his uncle, who referred us to Steve from the ringfinders.com and this man could truly not be more of a saint. He stayed and never gave up searching below the pier with full gear for hours. Finally, as I was losing hope Steve held up my glittering ring into the sun and I was overwhelmed by his kindness and diligence. Thank you again for everything Steve you truly saved the day.


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