Gold Wedding Band and Special Coin on Chain Lost at Santa Monica Beach...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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DJ called me because he had lost his wedding ring and special coin at the beach the day before, and was wondering if I could help him. We talked about the loss, and where on the beach the loss happened, and I was very pessimistic of being able to make a recovery because detectorists ply that area daily, as well as the coverage of the County beach cleaners. I wasn’t giving him much hope of a recovery because of the area he initially told me the loss occurred. As we further discussed the loss, it came to be that it happened in an area further away from his original disclosure. I then felt there was some hope feeling that maybe all of the factors that would have caused the ring and coin to be gone did not add up. We arranged to meet at about 11:30 PM to conduct the search because I did not want any more time to go by, taking away any other possible factors that would make the recovery impossible.

When we met at the beach, DJ, his wife, and friend took me out to the area they believed the loss to have occurred. It is very hard in the darkness to locate landmarks, and decide how far a person was from the water depending on tides as well. They gave their best estimate, and I began my search. As I was doing my grid, they were examining further down the beach to see if maybe we were in the wrong area. After about 4 passes, DJ came to me thinking I should maybe work in the area further in the direction they were looking. It was not more than 20 feet away, so I told him that I was searching in that direction, and should just continue the grid so as to not miss any possibility. Then when I got to the end of that grid pass, at about 12:00 AM, that sweet gold sound in the head phones. As I scooped, I saw the chain everything was attached to drape down along my scoop, and knew we had success. DJ’s wife looked over when I reached down to recover the ring and coin, and came over expectantly. I put it behind my back and asked if they still wanted me to move over to other spot, and then brought the chain with the ring and coin out, she just beamed. They were so excited, being married just about 1 year, and thinking the ring was gone forever. It was surely a special recovery, having been lost the day before in a highly searched area. A great night for sure!


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