Two Gold and Jeweled Rings Lost at Will Rogers State Beach...Found and Joyously Returned

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Megana called this morning, she had been at the beach last night, taken her rings off to put in her bag, and when she got home realized they were not in the bag. One of the rings was given to her as the only granddaughter of her grandfather. That ring had been his mother’s mothers ring. The other ring had been given to her by her mother, so these rings had a very important significance to her.  The only place she could think they were was in the sand on the beach. She wanted to know if I could come and help her find them. I was worried after asking some questions that the county beach sifters had gotten them already, but told her that I would be there as soon as possible.

When I got to the beach, I could see the sifting machines working the beach, and my heart sunk. I asked Megana if the sand where she believed the rings were lost was smooth, and she told me no, so I encouraged her to stand in the area, and make the machine go around her if necessary so it would not get her rings, which she agreed to do as I assembled my equipment. When I reached the spot she showed me where she had been, and where she moved around to. There was a group of mothers with their children for a day at the beach that were in the area as well, and they agreed to move if necessary in order for me to do a thorough search. I made about 8 passes in my grid, finding bottle caps, tent stakes, and numerous other pieces of metal. On the 9th pass I got a good solid signal, scooped, and there in the bottom were Megana’s 2 rings. I held them up, and she ran over so surprised and happy that they had been found. She told me that she was unable to sleep very well last night, but I knew she would have a good night’s sleep this night! What a great day!


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