Broken Mercedes Key Lost at Venice Beach, CA...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Alfonso called, and explained how he and his friend Robert had been at the beach, and lost their car key. it was Robert’s key, and the only one he had. In fact they told me that it had broken off of the remote, and was just the key with no “handle” to grab onto. What had happened was, they were going to go in the water, so Robert placed the key in his sock, which he never did. When they left the beach after shaking the sand out of their clothes, and got back to the car, Robert realized the key was gone. It was about 5:00 PM, and the private parking garage the car was in closed at 6:00 PM, so they hurried back to find the key but to no avail. They lived a considerable distance away, so they had to rent a hotel room for the night and were going to find a locksmith in the morning to help them. After they were quoted over $600 to cut a new key, and that it would take a couple of days, and also that the parking garage manager said if the car wasn’t removed by the end of the day he would have it towed, they searched the internet, found and called me. I told them I would be there in 45 Minutes.

When I got to the beach Robert and Alfonso met up with me and took me out to the spot they had been the previous day. They showed me what they did, and where they had been sitting. I then started my search. I gridded in the direction I was first shown, and would go in the other direction when I had completed my first grid. After about 15 minutes, and a few bottle caps, pennies, and foil, I got a good signal and had the key in my scoop. I held it up to an overjoyed Robert, who now knew he was going to be able to get his car out of the parking garage, and go home. Yes needless to say he was very happy. It was great to see two happy smiling faces!


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