White Gold Wedding Ring Lost in Newport Beach Harbor, CA...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Kellen called, he had lost his wedding ring in the harbor where he, family, and friends had rented a house for their vacation. Across the street from where they were staying was a little beach with a swim platform about 70 feet out in the water. While he was walking to the swim platform, he was fingering his ring trying to make sure it did not fall off, but it was a little loose to start with and it slipped off of his finger to his surprise. He immediately tried to catch it but it was already gone in the chest deep water. This was the ring his wife had given him 10 years ago when they were married, and he didn’t want to lose it. He dove and dove about 30 times trying to find it but the bottom was covered in muck and some type of small mussel which made it very difficult to identify the ring in the murky water. He found me online and asked for help in finding the ring. I checked the tide chart, and saw the tide was rising, so we made arrangements for me to come back in the evening at the next low tide.

When I arrived Kellen was waiting. I donned my wetsuit, and he and I discussed how the ring was lost, where he thought it might be in relation to the swim platform, and at what angle he had entered the water. With that information I walked out to the area and began the search. I got a real good signal and tried to scoop, but had a hard time retrieving the object. The mussels on the bottom were tied together with what seemed to be a spiderweb like algae which made it difficult to get the scoop in and out. I kept working on that signal until I ended up with an aluminum bottle. I continued the search, next finding an old crusted folding knife. I worked a grid shallower and shallower until in about waist deep water I received a nice smooth tone in the headphones. I dug, and in one scoop I had the object, so I knew it was shallow. I shook the scoop out but the mussels and algae had to be removed by hand to search for the metal item. It was almost dark, but when I removed the last bit of mussels, I could see the ring in the bottom of the scoop. I reached in, and slipped it on my finger so as not to lose it, then looked to the shore where Kellen was sitting, and raised my detector and scoop to let him know we had success. When I got to shore I handed the ring to Kellen who identified it as his. His wife had been out riding bikes with friends, and she pulled up as Kellen and I were talking at the curb. She was very happy to see the ring again as well. Really a great feeling to be able to be a help to others, doing what you enjoy!


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