Two Platinum Wedding Rings Lost at Torrance Beach, CA...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

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Keith called yesterday about a loss of 2 rings that happened Saturday. His wife had been at the beach, when she decided to put sunscreen on. She removed her rings, applied her sunscreen, and without realizing they were not back on her finger, she stood up and moved around. The rings were gone. Keith found me on the internet the day after asking if I could help. I explained that I would do a search for them, but also explained how the County cleans the beach with machines daily, and that the beach is searched often by other detectorists, so the possibility of a recovery had diminished considerably. We arranged to meet later in the evening when the crowds had dissipated.

When I got to the beach, I saw that there was already someone working close to the area that we were supposed to search. I figured it was possible that he already found the rings. I called Keith to let him know I had arrived, and found he was already there. I met him, then went to introduce myself to the other gentleman who was already searching the area to inform him that my interest was to look for the rings, and not to move in on him. He seemed alright with that. So I began my grid. I worked in an outside area to work my way in as I continued along. Keith and his wife figured I should move closer to the water, so I began another grid in that area. The other gentleman continued to work around in the area as well. After about 8 or 10 passes, I got a good signal, scooped, and had a nice heavy platinum ring in my scoop, and figured the second one wouldn’t be far away. I looked and looked making many more passes in the area, but not finding it. The other detectorist hearing the commotion after my recovery of the first ring came over to look at the ring, when he realized that he might have the other one, so he poured out the contents of his find bag on a towel, and there it was. He thought he had found a washer, and hadn’t paid it much attention until he saw the other ring.

So between me and my new detector friend Chuck, we were able to bring some amazing smiles back to Keith and his wife. Another great day!

Keith sent the following testimonial:

“My wife was in a panic when she realized her engagement and wedding rings were missing on a Sunday afternoon. We retraced her steps and realized the last time we saw them was on the beach the day before.

I went to Yelp to look for metal detection equipment and Steve’s site was the first listed. I was surprised that he picked up the phone on a Sunday but he did and we arranged to meet; my expectations of finding the rings a day later were not high.

We met at the beach that afternoon. There are people who comb the beach as a hobby but my immediate impression was that Steve was a professional at this. He immediately struck up a conversation with another beachcomber and got him to join the effort. Steve clearly used a grid to search, not random wandering and covered all of the search area. I told my wife that this was not going to work…

But…about 20 minutes into the search he got a hit and scooped one ring out of the sand. Once the other gentlemen saw it, he recognized that he had already picked up the second ring earlier without realizing what it was (very simple design with no gems). He dumped his bag out and we had the complete set back. Huge relief!

Steve specializes in ring retrieval and sure came through for us. Great guy who wants to help people and clearly loves what he does. Lose something valuable and/or sentimental? Steve’s the guy to call!”


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