Wedding Ring Lost in Backyard in San Pedro, CA...Found and Joyously Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I received a call late this morning from Steve who had lost his wedding ring while gardening in his backyard. He had been getting his roses ready for the upcoming spring growing season mulching the area around each of his plants. It had been a cold day, and he had felt the ring a bit loose on his finger, but did not think much about it until later when after he had mulched all of his plants, he noticed it was gone. He looked all through the garden with no luck, and then found me on The Ring Finders web site. I let him know that I would be there as soon as possible, and when ready, I was on my way.

When I got there Steve took me to his yard, and showed me where he had been working. There was some wire to some lights that he was able to move, and some solar lights that I figured on working around. I was able to get to all of the areas that Steve showed me, but was unable to get a signal for the ring. The solar lights were providing a bit of a problem, but I worked around them as needed. I then went over the entire grass portion of his yard which was thick St. Augustine grass finding a dime and a penny. We talked, and then decided that we should detect the contents of the green waste bin, so Steve went out to get that ready. I told him I would go back once more and check the outer perimeter of the flower bed once more. I also worked closer to the solar lights, and near one was getting two signals, one strong one from the light post and another. I pulled the coil, and was still getting the second signal, and it was in the gold zone on my detector. I put in the pin pointer, and underneath a stalk of grass was his ring. I grabbed it and went out to tell Steve I had his ring, wherein he gave me a hug; he was so happy. It was so great to restore his joy! Another great day!


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