Two Rings Lost at Santa Monica Beach, CA...Found and Happily Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I received a call from Dmitri yesterday regarding two rings that he had lost the night before. He and some friends had gone to the beach after dark, when Dmitri decided to go for a swim. Wisely he removed his two rings, and placed them on his shirt while he went in the water. When got out he went up and picked up his shirt, and remembered too late that his rings were there. He and his friends searched around for about an hour with no luck. Dmitri searched the internet, and found me through The Ring Finders web sight. We decided to meet as soon as I could get there.

When I got to the beach Dmitri and his family met me to show me the area he believed the loss to have taken place. The problem was that it was dark when the rings were lost, so being able to identify the exact area was very difficult, so I figured we would search quite a bit outside of the box. As I began, I was finding quarters and dimes, which to me was a very good sign that no one else had been through there. Also it did not look as though the county had cleaned the beach that morning which also made me more hopeful for a successful search. I continued to expand the area as Dmitri pointed out in pictures they had taken when they were there in the dark. I know how discouraging it can be for those we are trying to help when we keep pulling up bottle caps, pull tabs and miscellaneous coins, but Dmitri seemed to keep a positive attitude while I continued my search. After about 3 hours, I began a search along a ridge of sand just outside of the area I was shown by Dmitri, and got another good signal, but this time there in the sand was gold. I reached down and picked it up, Dmitri’s ring, then offered it to him. He was looking right at it but seemed a bit bewildered by the fact that it was actually found at first. He took the ring, then a few more scoops, and we had his second one. The word he said to his wife when he showed her the rings was, “Magic”. It sure is magic to see the smiles on the faces of those who have lost what they believe they might be lost forever, when it is handed back to them. Great day! Dmitri was camera shy, so I got to hold the rings for the blog.

Dmitri sent the following testimonial regarding the loss and recovery:

Hi Steve,

We would like to thank you once again for your great search of the rings today! It was a really great help to us and we are very happy! Best of luck to you and best wishes from us!
We are attaching our story for your website, as we discussed today:
In the evening, I decided to swim in the ocean at Santa Monica beach. I left my rings on my T-shirt and after swimming I took it so abruptly so the rings fell in the sand. It was already dark, so I spent an hour trying to find them but it was not possible. I tried to take a picture of the place and views to be able to track this place. In the morning, I looked up in the Internet where I can buy or rent metal detectors, but all of them must be only shipped.

I had to be quick to start searching since other people could also find them. So, I googled the website and read all amazing stories about wonderful results of their search. I found Steve Smith who covered our area. His reviews we excellent. He helped many people in the same situations, so I immediately called him.

Steve promptly asked me questions about the location, and we met in less than 2 hours. After identifying the area, he started searching. He found a lot of coins and can caps. He told me it was a good sign because it meant nobody was there, and there was a big chance the rings were still in the sand.

After 3 hours of searching, we went all over again, taking wider area into consideration. And suddenly at one more sound of metal Steve dug the sand and there found my ring. The second ring came right after it. They were around 5 inches deep in the sand, so obviously, they could not be found without Steve’s help. Steve said you should never give up while searching things in sand and he was absolutely right! Thank you, Steve!

Best Regards,

Dmitry & Natalia


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