Wedding Ring Lost in the Sand at Hermosa Beach, CA...Found With a Fun Return.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

Russell called me this afternoon after he had lost his ring. He was hoping I would be able to help. I asked a few questions, and said that it take me about an hour to get there because I was out of town, and he was willing to wait. Russell had taken his daughter to the beach to play on the swings. While he was watching his daughter , there was a group of young ladies playing volley ball near him, and the balls would sometimes come to where he was sitting. He would then pick up the ball and toss it back to the ladies, when the last time he did, his ring popped off and disappeared into the sea of sand.

When I got to the area, I could see Russell surrounded by a group of ladies all in the sand. I came to find out that the lady volley ball group was from China, and barely spoke any English, but when they realized what had happened to Russell, wanted to help him find his ring. By the time I got there they had been searching for at least 45 minutes scouring the sand where the loss took place. When they saw me and my equipment, they were very intrigued, and followed me as I searched. Each time I would get a signal, the ladies would huddle around as I brought up the find, and I would give each one of them the find to hold; a screw, a pull tab, a pin, etc. I then got a good signal in the head phones, and the ring was in the scoop. All the ladies clapped and Russell gave each one of them a big hug for their helpfulness. All of them wanted to take a lot of pictures, and this one just captures the moment with Russell’s great smile, surrounded by his helping crew. Great day!

Russell sent the following to include on this post:

Walking to and around the Strand in Hermosa with my daughter has become routine over the past couple years. From the Baby Bjorn at just a few months, to the hip, an occasional seat on the shoulders overseeing what probably feels like sitting on top of the world, to now, keeping up with the little Olympic sprinter, one thing is certain, I am in love. Having married three years ago, my wife and I were blessed with a beautiful daughter and our lives were forever turned upside down from the moment she arrived.

Recently, walks to the Strand have one general purpose, the swing.  We wake up, we eat breakfast, maybe take in a little PAW PATROL and then we’re out the door.  April 10th started as usual business.  We crossed the street and I asked my daughter if she wanted down to walk. Of course, she declined.  I asked if she were ready for the swings and she nodded while looking at me knowing I had the answer.

As we approached our stomping grounds, on this morning, we would have company. Not paying mind to the closeness of the action, I put my daughter in the swing where she immediately focused on the volleyballs flying in and around our direction.  As usual, I would give her a few pushes, move back a bit, drop to my knees and begin building my princess her sand castle that she eagerly awaits to climb, stomp, smash and use as a slide.

We had been at the beach for no more than ten minutes. While constructing the castle, a ball zipped in my direction that I caught and without hesitation, threw back to one of the girls training.  Moments later, another ball would find its way in my direction that I would catch, again, throw back however this time, would throw with it my wedding ring.  I immediately felt its weight “fly off” my finger.  Happening so quickly, I couldn’t see the exact direction the ring would travel however, my world stopped spinning. Flashbacks of my wedding day resurfaced.  Forgotten faces would reappear, and the sentiment of life would take new ownership.  The beach became a sea of memories and with it carried a feeling of unexplainable loss.

I called my wife to share with her what happened. She would soon show up to help aid in the search.  The volleyball team would literally come into play as well. A morning fit for a father and his daughter would become without notice, a search and rescue effort.  After forty-five minutes without discovery, a couple had approached the swings and learned of my story. Not too focused on their involvement, I would overhear the woman conversing with her partner that she was going to look for a metal detector.  Having no success at a local restaurant on the Strand, she walked to the Lifeguard unit where she was provided a yellow piece of paper with a gentleman’s phone number on it.  That gentleman would happen to be Steve Smith.

Not losing hope, but confidence, I reluctantly dialed Steve who would answer and agree to meet with me.  What would feel like an eternity, Steve would arrive a little over an hour after having talked on the phone with gear in hand and new life.

I shared with him my story, he mapped out a grid, began to detect and the rest is history.

As Steve searched, I pondered at the women’s volleyball team standing in a circle with me while waiting for any sign of good fortune.  I was thinking about how they were here from another country training to be Champions but yet became so concerned with finding my ring.  I was just a father searching for a piece of metal.  What mattered most?  Becoming a champion or a ring?  I guess in sports, one comes with the other.  I was so touched, honored and thankful for their selfless act of kindness, I had never before experienced anything like it in my lifetime.

What joy and happiness erupted once Steve turned up the ring will never be forgotten.  My world began to turn again, I felt like I had an army of angels around me and maybe I did.  I will find comfort in that for the rest of my life and will be forever grateful to the men and women that helped save not only the day, but the memory and meaning of watching my wife slide my wedding ring on my finger the day we married.

If you lose your ring or other metal item of value, call as soon as possible. I will work hard, using the most up to date metal detectors, to help you find what you thought might never be found again. I search,  Beverly Hills, Hermosa Beach, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Northridge, Pasadena, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica, Seal Beach, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Torrance, Venice Beach, and all parks, yards, gardens, and ponds (to 5 foot depths) in all of Orange County, all of Los Angeles County, and Ventura County.

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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Wow, what a neat story! And what a testimonial by Russell! So cool too that the young ladies took an interest and tried to help in finding his ring. Awesome stuff!

    1. Steve Smith says:

      Thanks Mike. Yes I must say, Russell was very generous with his testimonial, because he was so happy to have his ring again. Those young ladies were a very sweet group.

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