Lost IPhone at Santa Monica Beach, CA...Found and Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

Clark called late afternoon yesterday saying that he had lost a cell phone at the beach, and was wondering if I could help. I was not able to go immediately, but let him know that I could go later. He decided to continue his search, and I offered some tips on how do the search himself. When I was able to go, I had not heard back from Clark, and thought they must have found the phone, but decided to call and check anyway. I was surprised, they did not find it, but I was hoping they would have called back. I asked him if they were still at the beach, and he said no, they had gone home, which was about 2 hours away. I then offered to still go and do the search, it was about 7:15 PM, so Clark gave me very good directions to the area they believed the loss occurred, in and around some swing-sets.

I got to the area about 8:30 PM, and was immediately discouraged, because the swings were full of young people enjoying themselves, and I wondered if I would get a chance to work the spot. People started to leave which gave me my opportunity. It took about 15 to 20 minutes for me to located the phone. I sent Clark a text that I had found the phone, and he asked for a photo of it to be sure. When he realized it was the phone he asked to meet and get it that night. I realized it must have some important information; maybe some medical information, or serious business contacts, I just did not know, so I told him no problem, whatever it was going to take. It was going to take almost 2 hours for them to meet with me, so I chose a coffee shop, and said I would wait for him there.

When Clark arrived, his girlfriend Aimee was with him, and it turned out that it was her phone. What a great guy Clark is to have coordinated all of this for his girlfriend. Also the importance of the phone was severe, because Aimee had an college exam on Monday, and all the information needed to study and take the exam was on that phone. I can’t think of a more stressful situation for a young person than that. I was sure happy to unite her with her phone, and make her day.


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