A Most Beautiful Rose Gold Solitaire Wedding Ring Lost at Hermosa Beach, CA...Found and Back Where it Belongs.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)

I had been away from my phone for a little while today, and when I turned it on, I saw that Faith had called and sent me a text about her lost ring. I called her immediately, and apologized for not getting back to her sooner, but started asking the standard questions about the loss, where, when, what were you doing when it happened, as well as some others. I was just 30 minutes away, and got on the way, because she told me she had to go to work in 2 1/2 hours.

Faith is a Flight Attendant out of Washington state, and was on layover for a while, so she decided to enjoy her day at the beach before boarding the plane home. She got out the sunscreen, put her ring in her shorts pocket, and proceeded to enjoy the day. When she got ready to leave she picked up her shorts, and her credit cards fell out, she picked them up, and walked over to the strand. When she got there she realized her ring was not on her finger, so she went back, and began a search where the cards had fallen. A couple of gentlemen joined her in the search, and she searched for about 3 hours before finally finding my number and giving me a call.

When I got there, I set a grid, and began searching. I could see where she had been searching by the condition of the sand, but began my search outside of that area to be sure I covered everything. The beach was pretty clean, I found a penny, and some piece of plastic with a couple of screws in it. I got to the area of Faith’s search, I was about to pass my coil over a patch of sand, when I looked down, and there laying on its side in full view was her ring, with its almost 3 karat diamond staring up at me. The color of the rose gold worked almost like a camouflage in the brown sands. I picked the ring up in the scoop, turned to Faith, and pulled it out. She looked, hesitated, and then asked, is that my ring? She came right over, gave me a big hug, and of course, it was certainly a pleasure to see her face lit up with a glorious smile. Faith will sleep well tonight, and her smile will be forever emblazoned in my mind; GREAT DAY!


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