Platinum Tiffany & Co. Wedding Band Lost at Will Rogers State Beach, CA...Recovered and Joyously Returned.

  • from Redondo Beach (California, United States)


I happened to be surfing again yesterday, and after my morning session, I got back to my car to find a message from Olivia regarding the loss of her husband’s wedding ring when they were at the beach the day before. I got right back with her to let her know that I would be available to search for the ring as soon as I dropped my surfboard off and picked up my equipment. We agreed to meet at a specific time, so I rushed home to get ready.

We met at the beach, and Olivia explained how there was a miscommunication between her and her husband Tim after he asked for some of the items that he gave to her to hold while he went into the water, the ring being one of the items. The result was that after they got home, and Tim was ready to go to work, he asked for his ring, and it wasn’t there. They then figured , it must have dropped into the sand when he was handed his things. They found me on web site and made the call. When I got to the spot, I could see that the sand was smoothed out from the beach sifters, and realized that the ring having been lost the previous day, might not be there. I did tell them though that although it doesn’t look real good for a recovery, I always have hope. After asking some questions I began my search. I searched for about 1 1/2 hours, and then began to work the other side of the area closer to the slope, when I found Tim’s ring.

Tim and Olivia had been sitting under an umbrella in some sand chairs while I searched, so when I turned with Tim’s ring in my hand, they were both gone. I looked up and down the beach, and saw neither one of them, so I started walking towards the place where they had been sitting, when I saw that Tim was lying on a towel next to the chairs. When I got to him I could see that he was deep in sleep, and I felt kind of bad that I was going to wake him to let him know I found his ring. I spoke to Tim and he awoke. I showed him the ring to make sure that it was the one he lost and he acknowledged it was. He then figured out that Olivia had gone to the car in the parking lot to get something, and went to give her the good news. It was so wonderful to see the two of them coming back to the site with smiles all around. They had just celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary last week, what a blast!

In Olivia’s Words:

Yesterday, Tim gave me his wedding ring to hold in my purse while he went in the ocean, along with his keys, watch and phone. When we were getting ready to leave, I thought he said let me get my things. But it turns out he only wanted his keys. I pulled out all his things including his ring and thought he took all his things. Until that evening when I was in bed and he was getting ready to go to work and he asked me for his ring…. **Gasp*** what do you mean? I gave it to you at the beach…. so his platinum Tiffany ring was left somewhere in Will Roger’s State Beach…. In stepped Steve Smith from I called him at noon after I conducted a search for metal detectors. He was worried that it was a day later and after the clean up of the beach. But he said not to lose hope. I never lose hope. It’s a strength and a weakness I suffer with. But guess what, after only 1.5 hours the impossible happened and he found the ring!!!!! Thanks Steve!

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