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Shawn SGT Whitey Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist – Lost your ring?…. Call ASAP – 918-313-2202. I got a call from a lady near Durham who had lost one of a set three rings. Story goes, she was delivering food to a sick neighbor down the road from her house. As she was getting back in the car, she waived back at them and two of her rings flew off into the landscaping. The center/heavy one stuck on a limb and the other one fell to the base of the same bush and went under the roots a little and was out of site. They tried a metal detector and looking for it with flashlights.

I started off with my metal detector. She had a duplicate ring that goes on the inside of the set that I was able to scan and use it to determine the VDI. I programed it to be in a certain range. I wasn’t getting any solid hits at first. I then got a glimmer of a hit near the base of the bush. I got down on my knees with my pin-pointer and I was picking up a signal. After a few mins, I see her ring ON EDGE! “This is why I wasn’t getting a solid hit” I quickly told her, “I GOT IT” snapped a few pics and returned the ring to her. She was extremely happy that I was able to find it. We walked back to her house to inform her husband that we had found it.









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  1. Kate says:

    I was very grateful to Shawn for finding my ring! My husband and I had searched for it for several hours, even using a metal detector. Although I had a fairly good idea of where it would be, there was such dense vegetation there that it made searching difficult. Because my ring had fallen on edge in a hole near a root, I don’t think we would have ever found it on our own. Shawn arrived exactly when he said he would, got to work and found my ring! Thanks, Shawn!

    1. It was my pleasure!!! I am so happy to have met you both and that I was able to find it.

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