LOST WEDDING RING near Durham........ FOUND!!!!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Got a call from Dan. He stated he had lost his wedding ring in his yard while doing yard work. I get his address and head out to attempt to find it and return it to him. I get to his house and he walked me through the areas he had been working in and explained that, “it may not be here, but I would at least like to rule it out”. I didn’t have high hopes of finding it at that point, but I got my settings entered into my Garrett AT MAX. I selected VDI range of 50 to 60 and block out all other VDI numbers, so I wouldn’t pick them up at all. It was a 14K ring and should be right on top of the ground.

I began scanning the front left side of his property, then moved to the front right side and towards his back yard fence. As I get about 3-4 feet from the fence, I get a solid VDI 50 and boom there it is, sitting on a leave and just under another leaf. I snapped a few photos, did a TIKTOK video and walked up to the front door with a smile on my face as I returned the ring back to Dan. He was very happy and surprised at the same time that I actually found it. Another happy customer! So glad I was able to find it and get it back to him.






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