• from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

Got a text message from Bonnie on Saturday night June 5th at 20:50, that her husband Skip had lost his wedding ring in the water while wrestling around with his son. He was very upset and heartbroken that he had lost it. I reassured her that I would do my very best to find it for him and make him happy again. The next morning, first thing, I drive to their location and I get the lowdown. I changed my settings to only find silver or large sliver I then jumped into the water. It was less than 10 mins later I get a solid on the top silver target that I just knew it had to be the lost ring. After about five attempts to scoop it out, I finally saw the big shiny ring at the top of the clay clump on my sand scooper as it fell into the basket. I yelled out, ” I GOT IT!!!” I get up to the bank and wash it off, shoot a photo and hand it back to Bonnie’s husband and he gave me a great big ole hug. Another happy person, reunited with their precious lost item.









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