Lost wedding ring recovered from Penobscot Bay Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I received a call from Steven Kennedy visiting from Seattle, WA ; who lost his gold and platinum wedding band during a swim in Penobscot Bay at his sister’s summer home in Northport, Maine. I proceeded to the site the following day just prior to low tide and began my dive. After removing some metallic debris from the seabed that hindered the search, I was able to locate the ring which rested covered in about an inch of sand in about 6 feet of water and return it to Steve.  A portion of his generous reward will be directed to Literacy Volunteers Mid Coast Maine.




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  1. Steve Kennedy says:

    Sean Kelly is a miracle worker! (And a very nice guy, too)

    I will be forever thankful for people like Sean Kelly! I recently lost my gold/platinum wedding band in about 5 feet of salt water while swimming off my sister’s dock in Northport, Maine. I had recently lost weight, so it was a bit loose on my finger. When my hand went into the ice-cold water, the ring came right off. I tried diving for it for about 40 minutes, but only managed to stir up the sand on the bottom. I thought it was gone forever. My brother went to Google and found The Ring Finders website, and saw that Sean Kelly was located quite near Northport. He came out the very next day with his scuba gear and his positive attitude. He had checked the tide table for our location, and surveyed the scene off the dock. Then he went under and got to work. After surfacing about 4 times bringing up a lot of metal debris that was interfering with his metal detector, I was beginning to lose hope. But he told me not to lose hope, and he was determined to continue searching. The next time he surfaced, he had my ring! He said he found it a few minutes after saying an underwater prayer to St. Anthony (the patron saint of lost items). Sean is a real professional, and he is passionate about what he does. He obviously enjoys seeing the smile on your face when you realize he recovered something you thought was gone forever. Thanks, Sean!

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