Lost Diamond Engagement Ring Recovered and Returned in Wilmington, DE!

  • from Philadelphia (Pennsylvania, United States)

In her own words via text Valerie was desperate and distraught when she reached out to me to help find her missing diamond engagement ring. She lost it in the front yard of her Wilmington, DE home…she actually lost both her wedding band and engagement ring but was able to find the band after frantic hours of searching. She spent hours searching for the white gold, diamond engagement ring before finding me in the Ring Finder Directory. She texted me and I called her right away…told her I could be there that afternoon. She was stuck at work till 9 pm but said her daughter, Kylie, would be there and could assist me. When I got to her home I called Valerie and asked where she was in the yard when she lost her rings…she told me sort of in the middle…maybe to the left of the front door. The grass was a bit high and bushy so I could see how it would be difficult to find the ring without a metal detector. Anyway 60 seconds later and maybe 5-6 sweeps of my machine I got the all-to-familiar surface gold tone on my machine! Bent down…parted the grass…and there was her beautiful ring!  I had knocked on the door to introduce myself to Kylie when I first arrived….now I was knocking on the door again 3 minutes later to hand her her mom’s ring! She was very happy I was able to find and return her mom’s lost ring. I understand Valerie did some screaming at work when she heard the news! Always fun and rewarding when you can come through for nice people!

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