Found lost gold cross necklace at Lake Of The Ozarks Mo

  • from Cape Girardeau (Missouri, United States)

Lost gold cross necklace at Lake Of The Ozarks Mo.

Deb contacted me wanting to know if I would look for a gold cross necklace. The necklace belonged to her teenage nephew and had fallen through the crack of their boat dock. I explained that I was quite certain that I would find it.
We discussed fee and expenses, then agreed to meet on Sunday. Upon arrival and after setting up the equipment, we lowered a small rope with a rock as a weight to the spot were the necklace went down. Using this method I was able to follow the rope down. The rock was positioned exactly above the necklace. Checking with my divers light yielded no result due to the area having been disturbed by previous attempts at finding the necklace. I then used my Garret pinpointer probe and immediately located the necklace. This only took about five minutes. I love it when a good plan comes to fruition!