Lost ring at Timberline lake Mo.

  • from Cape Girardeau (Missouri, United States)

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  1. Ring recovery July 2 2017

    While out riding my bicycle at 8:30AM I received a call from Kimberly who had lost her much cherished wedding ring. The ring had slipped off her finger when she jumped into the water to save her six year-old child who had fallen into the water.

    I immediately headed home and then started gathering the equipment I would need to search for the ring. By 12 o’clock I had traveled the 100 miles to get to the site of the lost ring. Kimberly’s dad and her husband were there to assist in finding the ring. After some discussion on where and how to do the search, I waded into the 5 ft deep water with my detector and long handled scoop. I retrieved the ring from the very sticky mud within 1 hr.

    I was then treated as the hero of the day. I want to say that Kimberly was the real hero for saving her son’s life the day before. I also want to thank my understanding wife Linda for allowing me to postpone our plans to celebrate our 42nd anniversary that day. I did make it home in time to treat her to a steak supper. It was a very happy ending for a busy day.

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