Lost Wedding Band... Found at The Quad Cities (Port Byron, Ill.)


I received an email from Breyana on Feb. 17th. She said her husband and her had been sledding and coming down the hill his gloves had filled up with snow. At the bottom he took them off and shook them and his hands and his ring went flying into the powdery snow.

They searched but couldn’t find it. She then googled for help and the ringfinders site came up. I emailed her back and then she gave me a call and we arranged to meet today.

The sledding was done at her in-laws farm and we had to walk in a ways but not real far. She then showed me the place where the ring was lost. Almost immediately I got a signal on the CTX3030. It showed 12-35 and not very deep. She had put me right on top of the ring! Breyana's ring

My easiest search so far, this makes up for some of those very long tough ones! Good luck ringfinders.


Norm Slaymaker

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Yes the fast and easy search makes up for the long ones…Way to go Norm!
    Happy Hunting, Chris

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