Lost Ring... Found In Iowa City, Iowa


Hello Everyone,

I’ve been watching Chris Turner videos for awhile now and they always made me feel good. So I decided to take the plunge and join his Ring Finder site. I was a bit skeptical going in because I thought who would ever see this site and then give me a call. Well I joined on Jan. 28, 2011 and got my first call five short days later on Feb. 2nd. Needless to say I was very surprised.

I live in the eastern part of Iowa and we had a blizzard on Feb. 1st which dumped 12 to 14 inches of new snow. On Feb. 2nd I received a call from a young fella who lost his palladium wedding band during the storm. He said he had a good idea where it fell off at. So we agreed to meet the next day after I got off work.

I arrived the next day at 4:15 p.m. and met with his wife who showed me the area where his ring fell off his finger. Talking to her I found out they had only been married 7 months so this was a very sentimental ring to them. The snow was super deep and I wasn’t getting any signals. I had the discrimination on my detector wide open except for iron. I wasn’t sure where palladium would hit on the E-Trac but I was hoping it would be on the 12 line. I finally went over a target but it didn’t sound very good or look good. I dug down to the ground and it was deeper still so I knew that couldn’t be it. The next signal I got was just a whisper but it made me stop and investigate. I dug a couple of scoops with my shovel and it started to sound a little better, a few more scoops and wow there’s something here. I then had the target on top of the snow. I took my glove off and reached down into the snow and I could feel a ring! When I pulled it out and handed it to his wife her eyes got really big, I think she was stunned for a few seconds.

Her husband arrived a short time later and was very happy. He slipped the ring back on his finger as soon as he could. He told me that they had rented a detector and tried to find it themselves but the rental didn’t work very well. He said he wished he would have found the Ring Finders site before he wasted money on the bogus rental.

I must say that they were a very nice young couple and I was so happy I could help them. I know they truly appreciated it. I’ve found rings for people before but this was also special for me. My first success as a Ring Finder! Now I know why Chris loves his job.

HH everyone,

Norm Slaymaker


2 Replies to “Lost Ring… Found In Iowa City, Iowa”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Congratulation Norman on your first recovery as a member of The Ring Finders!
    Great picture of the young couple and their smiles!

    We have a great job helping people find what they thought was lost forever.

    Best, Chris

  2. Thanks Chris, it was definetly a feel good experience. Can’t wait for my next call!

    Thanks for your help,

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