Gold Wedding Band Found Edmonton Garrison Play Park

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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4:00 Pm  Justin called me yesterday and said my name was referred to him from a previous client. he lost his wedding band in the park while he was playing with his daughter and would it be possible for me to help him find it? after asking Justin a bunch of question about the ring and location I agreed to meet up with him @ 5:30.

Arrived at the location and meet Justin he pointed to the park and said that he was playing at three play ground and on the hill, I started first at the site nearest to his yard did a grid search with no luck at that location walked over to the second play area and did a grid search checked around the swings which I would say that would be the most logical place for the ring to be. Found all kinds of clad and junk then I received a sweet sound of gold there buried in about 3 inches of sand was Justin ring. Walked back to Justin as he was coming towards me I asked him if the ring had any distinguish marks on the ring and he said there is a inscription on the inside of the ring and I said to him is it Forever Bear and I watched the reaction on his face he said  you found it.

Another happy client.

Also I like to thank all the 15 Kids that assisted me on the Hunt.