Lost diamond engagement ring in cemetery, Sanford, Fl.....Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Amy was visiting the grave site where her precious little one–Jean Francis Butterfly Butler– was laid to rest. It was a rather warm January day and the rings on Amy’s ring finger were feeling tight so she removed them and slid them into her pocket-along with the keys to her van. It was a quiet and peaceful time, sitting there by her little one’s grave site, as Amy reflected on the many things she had to be thankful for. Soon it was time to pick up her 7 year old daughter from school, so she folded up her lawn chair and headed to the van, pulling out the keys from her pocket as made her way across the short grassy area. As she slid into the drivers seat she remembered her rings and reached into her pocket and discovered–NO RINGS! Frantically she retraced her steps to where she was sitting and after a thorough search she was able to find her wedding band, but no diamond engagement ring. She walked back and for over the small area–but could not find her precious ring.
The thought came to her–about renting a metal detector–so she went online and found a place but they were located way up in the northeast part of the country and the gentleman on the phone recommended she look up theringfinders.com! Happy to have someone so close by to help, Amy gave me a call and I was able to meet her within the hour! After meeting and hearing the details, Amy began retracing her steps and explaining to me that her ring was probably not along here because she had looked the area over very well….and in the middle of her sentence she looked down and there was her lost ring laying beside a flowerpot and partially hidden in the grass! She let out an “Oh my Goodness!” and bent over and picked up her own ring. It was so good to meet you Amy and to help YOU find your lost ring!
Lost your ring? Call ASAP!
Mike McInroe–a forever grateful member of theringfinders.com


2 Replies to “Lost diamond engagement ring in cemetery, Sanford, Fl…..Found!”

  1. Paul Humphreys says:

    Great find, Mike! Nice to see you are getting some calls.

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Amy is a graduate of Pensacola C. College and we had a really good time visiting during and after the find. And the search was only minutes down the road from here! Hope you are staying warm and healthy.

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