Lost engagement/wedding ring on side of road...Orlando, Florida....Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

I received a text from Monica saying she lost her very special ring along side of the busy 408 while throwing an apple core out of her car window! Monica and her fiance, Joe, are getting married in two weeks and the engagement/wedding ring was passed on to Joe by a special friend from their home town up in Kansas City, Missouri. Later that evening we met on the side of the freeway and discussed how to narrow down the area where she had lost her ring. Apparently it was raining quite hard that day and while doing 65 miles an hour–one can cover allot of distance rather quickly. I suggested we begin by trying to locate the apple core. And after 20 minutes of looking through the foot long grass we spotted the actual apple core Monica had thrown out of her car window. I spent the next 4 hours grid searching the long grass–having to actually push the long stuff over with my foot before I could pass the coil close enough to the ground to even get any signals. At 11:30pm I decided to call it quits and headed home.
The next day Monica texted me and thanked me for my efforts but I assured her I would try one more time. Two days later I decided to try again. I packed up some traffic cones, a reflective safety vest and my Whites DFX metal detector. (And I even decided to drop a test ring out my window to get a better idea of where Monica’s ring might have landed.) As I pulled off the freeway I noticed that they had cut the grass and I felt my chances of finding her ring went way up. After locating my dropped test ring–which landed fairly close to the old apple core–I set out my cones and started searching. Three hours later I got a nice signal and there under the grass was Monica’s beautiful ring! Joe and Monica were thrilled to have their ring back and to see the smiles on their faces made the 7 hours of searching very well worth it.
It was great to meet Joe and Monica and I wish them all the best in their new life together!
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4 Replies to “Lost engagement/wedding ring on side of road…Orlando, Florida….Found!”

  1. Larry Griffith says:

    Tough search but great results. Perseverance pays off!

    1. Mike McInroe says:

      Sort of a scary search as the cars were flying past at 70 mph only feet away from where I was swinging my detector.

  2. Mark Rubey says:

    Good save Mike! In our state, they won’t even let you do a search like that on a freeway. Too dangerous they say.

    1. Mike McInroe says:

      I had a trooper stop by to see what I was doing. He saw my cones and vest and told me to stay safe and even wished me luck! Not one I care to do again.

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