Lost class ring recovered and returned after 15 years lost at Wrightsville Beach NC

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

Hello I was out detecting this past weekend at to beach and detecting in the surf and water at night. It was around 3:29 AM when I got a good signal in the water. I investigated and recovered the target. What i found was a class ring from 1981. Now most people would just scrap the ring for it’s gold weight. But I decided to try and find the owner since it’s the right thing to do. After much research I was able to locate the owner two days later to return it. When I got in touch with her she was very happy to here I located the ring and explained that her daughter was wearing the ring 15 years ago when it was lost. She explained she thought the ring was lost forever and was almost in tears when she learned it was found after so long. I agreed to bring it to her since she only lived 45 minutes away from me. When I got there she was extremely happy to see her ring again. She also explained her father bought the class ring for her which is why it meant so much. I was very happy to return it to her and see the smile on her face. It’s always a pleasure when I can help someone. I am including pictures of the ring and her.