Lost Wedding / Engagement Ring set Recovered in Mayo Lake on 6/10/17 in Roxboro N.C.

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

This ring was recovered in Mayo Lake in Roxboro, N.C. on 6-10-17.

I will keep this story short but a couple weeks ago I received a call from a gentleman about a ring his wife lost in the lake. He explained that she lost it in the water about six weeks ago and he would like to try to recover the ring.  After speaking with him about the details I agreed to meet him there on Saturday 6-3-17 to try to find it. When I got there I spoke with him more and we went down to the water with all my dive gear. I suited up and tried to find it but had to kill the dive after about a hour in the water because of poor diving conditions and poor visibilty I could not even see to read my gauges on my console. thats how bad the water was mucked up. I came back on 6-10-17 to try again as I don’t like to give up on a ring search if I can help it. This time when I came I came to try a better way since I knew how bad the conditions were from my previous Dive search. This time I brought a extra tank of air so I could search longer and I brought some blocks and rope so I could run some guide lines through the area of interest to make my searching easier by following the guide lines in a grid search patturn. I set up my lines and started my search. About 25-30 minutes in to my search in about 20 feet of water I found a ring but it was only part of the ring I was looking for. The ring I was trying to find was a ring that sat in middle of two bands the was put together in the shape of a U. The piece I found was the center part but I still needed to find the other piece. After taking a a break I began my seach again and following my lines more I was able to find the rest of the ring also in about another 45 minutes also in 20 feet of water. I was very happy to help them out and glad they were able to get it back as this was not a easy search. Even a pro diver would of had trouble finding this one. Enclosed is a photo of the ring.