Lost Platinum Wedding Ring Recovered in Raleigh N.C. on 1/30/17

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

This morning on 1/30/17 , I was contacted by a gentleman about his wedding ring he had lost while at a local soccer park yesterday with his son. We discussed the lost ring and all the details of where he had lost it and how.. After speaking to him I agreed to meet him at the park today to do the search and find his ring.. I assured him it would be a easy search and I would be able to find his ring since he was sure of the area he lost it in.. That’s also assuming nobody already found it and picked it up which happens a lot.

When I got there it was around 1:00 pm and I gave him a call to let him know i was there like we had agreed. While I was waiting for him to get there to walk me through everything that happened when he lost the ring I decided to start my investigation and search early to see if I could locate it. I got my long range electroscope called the fieldscope out of my truck and my detector. I started scanning the area with my fieldscope to see if I could get a lock on it. Right away I started picking up the hits. I followed the line in on the hits and used my detector for conformation to locate the ring. I was able to locate the ring in about 5 minutes of searching with the help of my fieldscope / electroscope. The ring was recovered in the center of the soccer field before he even arrived. I was happy to be able to help him out.



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  1. Stuart H says:

    I was with my son all day at a soccer complex in Raleigh for a tournament and with time to kill between games we practiced on an open field. We spanned a lot of ground and at one point I noticed my wedding band was no longer on my finger. I completely panicked. I scoured the field and tried covering all the ground where I hoped I could find the ring. I even downloaded a mobile metal detector app thinking that would help me easily find the ring (it was a joke).

    Unfortunately it didn’t help at all and I ended up leaving the field very sad believing the ring was gone for good. Another parent from my son’s team recommended theringfinders.com and that’s when I reached out to Michael Gaskin the next morning. He contacted me immediately and said he could meet me at the field that afternoon. When I got to the field Michael was already there and to my surprise pulled the ring from his pocket as he had already recovered it! I can’t tell you how happy I was. Not only had Michael found my ring but he also explained to me the process and walked me right to where it had been showing me how impossible it would’ve been to find it on my own. He had contacted the field management ahead of time for permission to check the area, showed me the map printouts he used, and explained all of the equipment he used during the search. Admittedly I was not sure what to expect and it ended up being one of the most professional services I had experienced…and he is a damn nice guy on top of it!

    So instead of being depressed and looking for a replacement (which would’ve been impossible considering what the ring means to me) I have it back on my finger.

    If you live in NC and lose a ring or anything else valuable/sentimental to you then do yourself a favor and call Michael…he will absolutely turn your day around!

    Thanks again Michael!!!

    -Stuart H.

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