Lost Gold Signet Ring / Vintage Family Heirloom Recovered In Raleigh, N.C. on 10/20/2014

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

On Sunday Night on 10/19/14 I received a call from a nice young lady named Christine M. about a lost gold ring that was a Family Heirloom. She explained that she had lost the ring in the grass in front of the apartment building she lives in. She had just got out of a cab in front of her building and was walking up the walk way to the building when the ring slipped off her finger. Christine and her roommate attemped to locate the ring with no luck And even attempted to look up metal detector rental places online to find the ring. I agreed to come out the next morning between 8 & 9 am to help her find the ring.. Because of traffic I was running alittle late and got there alittle after 9 am on the morning of 10/20/14.. Christine was at work when I got there but her roommate show me the area she lost the ring.. I began my search and even expanded the search area some to make sure i covered all the area.. This was a very hard search to do, the area was so littered with buried trash target and iron and pulltabs.. I used two different detectors and made several passes to make make sure I covered all the area.. I dug over 100 trash targets along with 2 fake aluminun rings, a toy car and over $6.00 in loose change.. This ground was loaded with targets. After searching over 4 hours and still had not found the ring i was almost ready to give up as I covered all the area good.. I called Christine back up to let her know I could not find it yet and was thinking someone else might of picked it up.. I asked for more details and she explains the ring was a small ring and even texted me a pic to show me what the ring looked like.. I agreed to continue the seach.. As it turned out the reason I had so much trouble is the ring was a small gold ring and so much iron trash in the ground, the ring was stepped on and pushed into the ground.. The iron was so much that it was masking the ring which would of made it ring up of a iron target which i was not looking for.. So I decided  to changed up my  method of search and started crawling the area on my hands and knees useing only my hand held  metal detector and after about about 30 minutes I found the ring .. I called her up to let her know I found it and waited around town another 4 hours until she got home to return it to her.. She was very happy to get it back and I was happy to help her..

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