Lost 18K Gold Wedding Ring Recovered In Raleigh, N.C. at NCSU on 7/12/2014

  • from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

Hello, here’s another ring recovery I made today.. Last night I received a call from a nice gentlemen named Brent who had lost his ring yesturday.. I received his call but had to call him back since I missed the call the first time.. When we spoke on the phone I asked Brent to give me some details about his ring and how he lost it.. He explained the he works at The University of North Carolina State In Raleigh, NC and had lost his ring out the third story window of his office.. Brent told me he was in his office at his desk when a Bee flew in his open window.. As he attempted to swat at the Bee with his hand, the ring slipped off his finger and flew out the window.. He then attempted to find his ring and even went and rented a metal detector but could not find it.. I met with him first thing today at his office and he walked me through how he lost it.. Anyway long story short, I started my search and since he still had his rented detector we decided to hunt together.. I showed him how to use the detector some he had rented and after alittle over a hour of searching and we covered just about everywhere the ring could have gone.. We still had not found it.. There was only three possible places left to check.. place one was the possibility that someone saw the ring and picked it up But Brent was certian that was not the case.. which leaves only two more, Either it got stuck in in the tree on a branch on the way down or it was in the thick bushes.. well we searched alittle more and as we was checking the bushes, my detector went of under the bush . when i crawled under the bush to check the signal out I yelled I see it.. The ring was finally found.. Brent was very happy to get his ring back as you can see from the look on his face.. It was my pleasure to assist him in locating the ring..goodys 028 goodys 027

4 Replies to “Lost 18K Gold Wedding Ring Recovered In Raleigh, N.C. at NCSU on 7/12/2014”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Yes you have to knock out all the possibilities of were the ring could be if it’s not found and you did a great job! Way to go…

    1. Thanks Chris, This was a fun search and I was glad I could help him..

  2. Brent says:

    I can’t thank Mike enough for his superb work in locating my lost ring. He is part detective, part treasure-hunter, thorough, tenacious and professional. If you find yourself in a similar situation, do yourself a favor and give Mike a call.

    1. It was my pleasure to help out Brent.. If you ever need help again just call and if you know someone that needs help tell them to call.. I will be glad to help anytime..

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