Lost Gold Ring Recovered in Orange County , N.C. Off Interstate 85 on 2/13/2014

from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

Hello, heres another post of a lost ring that has been Recovered.. On 2/13/2014, I received a text & a call from a NC State Highway Patrol Officer who explained to me he had lost his ring in the snow while at the scene of a accident where the vehicle was down the hill in a ditch off interstate 85.. He had lost his ring while trying to open the door of the vehicle and the ring flew off his hand.. I met the officer at the location and started my search.. I was able to recover his ring in about 10-15 minutes.. After the recovery we talk a few and it was a pleasure to help him find his lost ring.. Its always a good day when you can help someone out.. I did forget to get a picture on scene but he was nice enough to text me a picture of the ring to use in this post..         IMG950541 IMG955917

6 Responses to “Lost Gold Ring Recovered in Orange County , N.C. Off Interstate 85 on 2/13/2014”

  1. Fitzy says:

    I hope he took note of your plate! If that isn’t proactive ticket avoidance, I don’t know what is! Great find Michael!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Wow what a beautiful ring! I’m sure he was very happy when you found it…Way to go Michael. happy hunting, Chris Turner

  3. Searching for a lost stuff is not an easy task because you really have to exert effort. Unlike in a regular metal detecting, where you only just searching and you don’t mind if you can have something to found or not, searching for a lost one requires more endeavor. You really need to work hard because you have a goal.

  4. John Volek says:

    Michael, great story and thanks for helping out a fellow officer.


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