• from Hillsborough (North Carolina, United States)

On the afternoon of 12/9/2012 I recieved a phone call from a gentleman by the name of ( Mr. Joe D ). who explained that his father, ( Mr. Tom D. ) lost a 14K gold ring while working in his yard a week earlier.. After speakin with ( Mr. Joe D.)  , I then called his father , ( Mr. Tom D. ) to speak to him and he explained the story of losing the ring as well.. I then agreed to meet them about a hour later and when I got there, I had ( Mr. Tom D. ) walk me through what he was doing when he lost his ring.. He explained that he had searched for it with no luck and even had the neighbor help.. He told me that it could be in one of the many bags of rakings or around the bushes which is where he was when he lost it.. Rather than go through all the bags and dump out all the leaves etc which would be alot more work to clean them up again, I got out my Long Range Metal Detector / Electroscope and proceded to scope the area around the Bushes where he was when he lost the ring.. Instantly I was able lock onto a target by the bushes where he was working using my Long Range Metal Detector and in under ten minutes I was able to recover his lost ring for him.. I am so glad I was able to help him.. I hope they have a Merry Christmas and wish them a very Happy Holidays.. In the pictures you with see the ring and me holding my long range metal detector standing beside Mr. Tom D.