Ring lost at South Mission Beach found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

John went to South Mission Beach to enjoy the sand, sun, and surf with his son. He decided to go into the water, so, removed his wedding band and stashed it into his shoe for safekeeping. After returning from the surf, toweling off, and shaking sand from his blanket, his ring ended up being flung into the soft dry sand. They tried searching for it, but, as usual, that search was in vain. In John’s search for help, he was recommended to contact TheRingFinders.com where I come into the picture. Being a warm, sunny, Sunday afternoon, I knew the traffic and parking was going to be a chore, but, waiting until that night, or, next morning was out of the questions as in that period of time, probably a dozen detectorists would have combed that section of beach and the ring would probably be in someone else’s pocket by then. My wife and I headed straight down there,  lucked into a parking spot, and after contacting John for a meeting spot, he directed us to the search area where his son was waiting. John had gone to his car and would meet us shortly. We arrived on site and discovered that the search area was marked out in a 10′ X 10′ box. I went ahead and started to grid while waiting for John to arrive. The first two passes were quiet, but, on the third, I got a very promising signal right in the gold ring/pull tab range. At that instant, John arrived. After introductions and details, I asked John if he still wanted to stay married, as this was his last chance to bail out! He said YES of course, so, I zeroed in on the signal, poked my pin pointer in the sand, and pulled out his ring. An amazed John was very happy and hugged my wife and me in joy. A pleasure to meet you, and thank you for the reward.

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