Ring lost at La Jolla Shores found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Nouhrra spent the whole day at La Jolla Shores and when she got back to the car, she realized a precious ring given to her by her mother, was missing off her finger. Since she had been in many areas that day and didn’t feel it come off, there was no way to know where to look. A friend of hers contacted me for help. They couldn’t stay and show me all the areas where Nouhrra had been, but, they sent me a couple of videos of two of the areas in the dry sand. The ring could have been lost in a grass area too, as well as the parking lot. When I got to the beach, I started to eliminate each area one by one. I started with the dry sand area shown in the video. No good there, so, off to the path she had taken to the grass area, and then the grass area itself. Nothing turned up after 4 hours of searching, so, I had to break the bad news that it just wasn’t in those areas, or, it may have been found by someone else. I asked for a photo to keep on file in case it turned up. I always check with fellow detecting club members and others I know that detect that area on rings that I haven’t been able to find. I received the photo, but, it didn’t match the description they gave me. I was assured that the photo was correct, so, I kept it even though it was a bit blurry. Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I’m back at that beach for fun and detecting a nearby area. Well, right up against the sea wall, I get a sketchy signal. With the rebar inside the wall, any repeatable signal is worth investigating, so, in went the scoop, and out came a ring that looked sort of familiar to me. When I got home I went through my recent messages and came across the “lost and not found” ring. With the poor photo, I was still uncertain it was the exact one. A few more texts, questions back and forth, and another photo that showed the ring more clearly, confirmed that it was the one Nouhrra lost. A pleasure to meet you Nouhrra and thank you for the reward.


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