Another ring lost at Coronado found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Hunter and his family were here visiting from Arizona and spent the day at the beach in Coronado. While brushing sand off his hands, his gold wedding ring went flying into the soft dry sand. Everyone tried to help find it by raking their fingers through the sand in hopes that they could snag it that way. Unfortunately, that rarely works, and their efforts were in vain. In their search for help, was recommended which brought them to my contact information. As chance would have it, I was already out detecting that day and just had to jump into my vehicle and head over to Coronado. A half hour later, I’m on the scene getting the story and probable location of the ring. About 30 seconds later, I got my first signal, and one right in the range of a typical man’s gold band. Into the sand went the pin pointer, and out came Hunter’s ring. Vacation mood saved and off to dinner they went to celebrate. A pleasure meeting you all, and thank you for the reward.

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