Ring lost in La Mesa found.

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Joe was cleaning out a clogged drain on his backyard deck, and when he slung the clog downhill onto a construction debris pile, his family heirloom family crest ring was launched with it. He searched in the mud and debris in vain and contemplated buying a metal detector to help him find it. Instead, he found TheRingFinders.com online and my contact info. We made arrangements later that afternoon to meet and conduct a search. Not a huge area, but, there was a moderate amount of junk in the construction pile, along with some flora and broken up concrete on a steep muddy slope. After gridding that area with two different detectors and two different coils, the ring was still missing. Being a fairly heavy gold ring, maybe it slung farther than the area I was searching, so, I asked if we could check the neighbor’s yard as it was possible the ring made it that far. In looking over the fence, there wasn’t any place for the ring to bury, so, it should just be a visual surface find. There was a walkway down the side of the neighbor’s yard next to Joe’s fence, so, we slowly headed down and checked the ground and plants as we went. With Joe leading the way, we made it about 3/4 of the way down when Joe spotted the ring right on top of the ground in the dirt close to the fence. Joe was very happy to get it back, and as I learned, it was his grandfather’s ring that had been one of the few items he had taken with him out of Hungary right before the USSR took over the country back in the mid 1950’s, and then eventually got passed down to Joe. The ring story continues……..

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  1. Joe Megyesy says:

    Thank you so much Mark! Was thrilled to be reunited with this family heirloom. Thank you again!

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