Ring lost in Torrey Hills San Diego found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

I received a call from Linda saying that her husband Terry had lost his wedding ring outside their apartment the night before. They had searched for it for hours without success, so, they needed help. An online search brought them to TheRingFinders.com and my contact info. With a narrow weather opening between storms, I met them at their apartment and got the story behind the ring’s loss. Terry had just left their upper floor apartment and noticed some soap on his hand. As he reached the top of the stairway, He removed his ring to wipe his fingers and his ring decided to take a 3 story leap off the open stairwell to an unknown fate below. He heard a ping as the ring hit something on it’s way down through several flights and landings until it reached the concrete bottom level with surrounding landscaping. The landscaping consisted of bushes of various heights and densities, bark, leaves, grass, and the typical metal trash that you get around walks and stairways. To add to the challenge, the building and concrete areas  have rebar, flashing, and other metal items to work around. A quick search with the big coil failed to come up with the ring, so, I changed to the 6″ coil and my pin pointer to get into tighter areas that the big coil won’t reach. After a while and several junk targets giving us false hope, I got a another similar low signal with my Equinox 900 deep under a bush. The pin pointer was singing, but, I still couldn’t see the target until I started to remove some dead leaves and saw a flash of gold. Yes! Success! Linda was first to notice my triumphant response, gave me an emotional and appreciative hug, and went inside to tell a very happy Terry. A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.


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