Ring lost at Mission Bay Found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Wei and his wife Bella were spending the day at Mission Bay, when during a volleyball game, Wei’s platinum wedding ring flew off his finger and landed in the soft sand. They search for the ring for quite a while, even used a metal detector, but, no luck. They got on the internet and found TheRingFinders.com. Bella gave me a call and we agreed to meet in a half hour at the site. Luckily, the volleyball court was empty, they showed me the area they thought the ring landed, and I was able to get set up and start my grid. First target was a nice solid 12 on my Equinox detector. I had high hopes, but, it turned out to be a partial pull tab. A couple more passes, and I got another nice solid 12. This time it was his ring, a bit outside the area they thought, but, that happens when rings fly! A pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the reward.

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