Ring lost in El Cajon found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

Brian was making an early morning delivery when, after jumping out of the back of his vehicle, he shook his hands in the cold and, in horror, saw his wedding ring fly off his hand, bounce twice on the concrete, and then shoot through a chain link fence overlooking a drop-off. He jumped the fence and looked for the ring, but, without success. He found TheRingFinders.com website online and my contact info. After a bit of phone tag, we made contact, and agreed to meet at the site. I got there a bit early and after some text/phone directions from Brian as to the search area, got started. Wow, what a place to detect! A steep slope, soft surface, and lots of metal junk everywhere. Normally, I would rather hunt at the bottom of a steep slope, but, not this time. There was all kinds of metal trash at the bottom along with another chain link fence. I started on the lower section of the slope and gridded my way toward the top hoping it was still just on the surface somewhere. Brian helped with removing dead branches and other metal debris while we both struggled to stay on the slope. More than once we both ended up involuntarily sliding down that slippery slope. After making it all the way to the top and next to the fence the ring passed through, I was faced with detecting the very bottom next to the neighboring metal fence. Moving slowly and picking through the trash, I investigate numerous targets while hearing the fence “talk” to me. I got close to 3/4 the way to the end of the search area, when I got another 14 foil/pull tab type reading I’d been getting numerous times over the last hour. This time, it was his ring, a few inches down in the leaves, loose dirt, and grass that covered that area from our eroding that slope with our search efforts. Brian was happy to have his original ring back to continue it’s story instead of having to get a replacement. A pleasure to meet you Brian and thank you for the reward.


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